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Crush Writer’s Block: 20 Blog Post Ideas from Leading Influencers

March 10, 2018
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Finding time to create new content for your blog is difficult -- which might explain why many influencers have stopped investing the time. The instant gratification of Instagram is a far easier alternative, and for now at least, a social-only presence is good enough to land brand collaborations. But as we’ve continued to preach, making sure you drive strong traffic to your own URL can help you keep your personal brand algorithm-proof and will make you more valuable to brands.

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If you’re feeling stuck as you sit down to write your next article or you look to kickstart your blog again after a hiatus, use these 20 fresh blog post ideas from bloggers we love to crush your writer’s block and make blogging a new habit in 2018: 

1.  Get personal.  

Who’s doing it: Arielle Charnas of Something Navy

Arielle Charnas is running a series on her blog right now on how she got started, from what it was like blogging in 2009 to the personal moments that motivated her to keep going during those early months. Click above to read her first post, then let your readers know what moved you to start sharing your personal style. 

2. Help your fellow bloggers out. 

Who’s doing it: Chelsea Pearl of Chelsea Pearl 

San Francisco blogger Chelsea Pearl decided to up her Pinterest game last month, and guess what? She just added 200k followers to her overall potential reach. Click above to read all about it, then think about what tips you may have to share. Has something recently clicked on a new social channel for you? Go ahead and spread the wealth by jotting down a few blog post ideas of your own. 

3. Add a dash of pop culture. What are you watching? 

Who’s doing it: Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What


Your followers look to you for cultural inspiration as much as they do their latest #OOTD. What are your favorite movies? What are your “can’t miss” TV series? As readers, we love to binge on lists as much as we do the shows themselves. 

While you’re at it...

4. Share your reading list. 

Who’s doing it: Krista Robertson of Covering Bases

Fashion blogging doesn’t have to stop at style. Krista Robertson at Covering Bases posts regular reading lists with summaries and recommendations, but there’s no need to stop at books. You can also list your go-to magazines, blogs and even (yes, they count!) podcasts.    

5. Share your playlist. 

Who’s doing it: Kendra Alexandra of Stolen Inspiration

Kendra of Stolen Inspiration shares her favorite beats every month with a Soundcloud share - a simple, time-efficient way to keep your content fresh. What artists do you wish the world knew more about? 

6. Share your life & work hacks.  

Who’s doing it: Austen Tosone of Keep Calm & Chiffon 

Have you found the secret to perfect iPhone photos? A figure-saving fitness app? Help a girl (or guy) out and let your readers know which downloads are making your life easier right now. You can start with Austen Tosone’s six recommended photo apps. 

7. Take your readers behind the scenes. 

Who’s doing it: Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary 

Did you attend Fashion Week recently? Work on a cool brand collaboration? Give your readers an inside peek. We loved following Poala Alberdi through NYFW, and we always appreciate feeling like an insider on photoshoots. Show us where you’ve been lately! 

8. Set the record straight with fashion & beauty myth-busters. 

Who’s doing it: Lavenda Memory of Lavenda’s Closet

As you work with products and brands, you learn something everyday. Go ahead and share. Did you know oils are actually good for oily skin? We didn’t either. But thanks to Lavenda Memory’s latest post, we’ll be better informed when we shop for our next moisturizer. To leverage your own insider knowledge, make a list of your favorite tricks and create a post for each. 

9. Collaborate with other bloggers.  

Who’s doing it: Mallory Morris of Mallory on the Moon

Sometimes two minds are better than one. Mallory Morris discovered this recently after a brand challenged her to create a New Year’s resolution. Her very generative goal? Create a culture of community, not competition among bloggers. Mallory teamed up with Instagram pal Lisa Prang on a photoshoot celebrating the spirit of collaboration, which resulted in the visually appealing post above. Do you live near other bloggers? Take a page from Mallory’s book and make her resolution your own.

10. Create a digital lookbook.  

Who’s doing it: Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweet Colours

Veronica of Bittersweet Colours uses fashion blogging to bring visual stories to life in a way that can be difficult to achieve on Instagram. Her recent post, Outdoor Activities with Marks & Spencer is a great example of how visual a post can be. Although your SEO will be stronger with regular longform posts, you don’t need to write every time you publish in order to maintain reader interest. Whether you’re going for a hike, visiting your local beach or simply heading to a local park, turn your outing into an inspiring photoshoot -- and your photoshoot into a blog post. 

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Need more inspiration? Try these quick and easy tips:  

11. Create roundups of your top-performing content in a “best of” series 

12. Feature your favorite bloggers 

13. Showcase your favorite local places. Your home city is someone else’s destination!  

14. Set a fitness goal and track your progress 

15. While you’re at it, share your favorite fitness brands and accessories 

16. Too busy to share an #OOTD on your blog? Commit to sharing an #OOTW 

17. Make a habit of jotting down your thoughts when you try a new fashion brand or beauty product, and turn these thoughts into your next post  

18. Hate typing? Take advantage of Google Voice. It really works! 

19. Commit to sharing one tip per week. Don’t stress about how long your post is. Just commit to sharing a helpful bit of information. 

20. Become a budding journalist, and interview people you admire


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