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Shopping Links provides technology to assist brands to track and view media posted by creators all in one place. From our earliest days of hand-selecting bloggers for our network, we have firmly believed that real relationships with content creators leads to the strongest ROI.

Shopping Links provides brands with industry-leading results tracking and conversion metrics through transparent campaign results and performance data.

Our Blogger profiles allow you to view examples of past content, collaboration results, and in many cases, Google Analytics data, for your selected creators, giving you the resources you need to verify authenticity and select the best bloggers for a particular campaign.

Aside from our self-serve collaboration options, including our Product seeding and Brand Promotion services, we also give brands the opportunity to benefit from our personal relationships with content creators and deep knowledge of our network through our full-service Managed Collaborations.

We actively manage creator relationships for leading international brands with a focus on aligning them with content creators who share their target audience.

We have worked with over 500 bloggers for a single brand, managing omni-channel efforts that have allowed our clients to successfully enter new global markets, expand to new demographics and strengthen brand loyalty.

With our long-term approach, brands have continued to see sales and engagement months after a collaboration was posted.

Our business is transforming the advertising industry, empowering both creators and brands to work more collaboratively together to produce greater return on investment, creativity and accountability.

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