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20 Fresh Article Ideas for Your Blog

June 13, 2017

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As a fashion blogger, you already know the importance of creating fresh content for your website. New articles boost your SEO to help new readers find you, fuel your newsletter, and keep your audience engaged. Maintaining a strong audience on a platform that you own, rather than merely post to, also gives you equity in your own creativity. Yet many bloggers post less often than they should.

Consider this: influencers with 100k+ followers on Instagram also publish three to five new posts per week on their blogs. Yes, nearly every day! Consistency, more than any other factor, is often the difference between traction and crickets, so it’s important to have a plan. That said, coming up with fresh content ideas can be a challenge, particularly when you’re managing, collabs, follower engagement and social channels. 

We’re here to help with 20 ideas and resources for blog posts that make an impact.


Five days, five outfits. Share five of your favorite outfits for the season.

My favorite….jeans, sundresses, jackets, heels, etc. Pick a theme and show off the five that every girl (or guy) should own.

Five ways to wear…a new scarf, jacket, fancy sneakers, etc. Ideas for getting more out of a single piece are always welcome.

Event outfits. It’s wedding season, music festival season, and depending on where you live, summer BBQ season or cozy wine & cheese parties — all of which require festive outfit ideas.

What to toss — and how. Which pieces are you removing from your wardrobe rotation, and how do you handle recycling or donating last season’s clothes?

Fashion staples never to toss. Some pieces are life-long classics. Which are yours?


Your current beauty routine. Tutorials are popular for a reason — we all want to know how you look so flawless.

Your must-have products. Between moisturizers, hair products, mascaras and makeup brushes, you could write a post for every category.    

 How to achieve that look. From contouring to perfect lashes, most of us could use a good tutorial.

Best on-the-go products. What’s in your clutch when you head out of the house?


Photo galleries. When you’re pressed for time, photos and captions make for gorgeous posts.

Travel guides. Advice on where to go, what to see, and how to bootstrap an unforgettable vacation are always welcome.

Packing secrets. From your organizational secrets to the best carry-on luggage, we’re all ears.


Fave home decor brands. What are your go-to brands when your home needs a fresh look?

How to save space. Simple tips & tricks are a great way to keep readers engaged and coming back for more.

Seasonal recipes  from treats to cocktails.

Fitness tips & tricks. Add outfit ideas and fave “mood-booster” foods for even more engagement. 


How I grew…my Instagram following, blog audience, social presence, etc. Many of your readers are curious about blogging. These types of posts often perform well. 

What it takes…to create a quality video post, Instagram image, blog post, etc. Your readers might be surprised to know what it takes to be a successful influencer.

Who I am…your readers want to feel like they’re following a real person. Sharing pieces of your life and what’s important to you can go a long way toward forming a real connection with your audience.

Interviews with other bloggers, entrepreneurs, or important industry figures are another great way to build your content. As interviewees share your content, you also benefit from strong inbound links, which can significantly boost your SEO.


Bonus: Want to track what’s likely to resonate with your audience? Here are five resources for tracking cultural trends and your readers’ interests: 

Google Analytics: Look at your top-ranking blog posts to learn what interests your readers and create a series based on your most popular topics, whether it’s #ootd photo shoots or tips & tricks for other bloggers. 

Google Alerts: Set up alerts for your favorite brands, bloggers, fashion events and destinations, so you can capitalize when your favorite topics are trending.

Newsletters: Subscribe to fashion industry news, brands, your favorite bloggers and other resources (like ours!) to stay on top of trends and products.

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