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Venessa Kaufman

“Shopping Links connected me with some of my most favorite brands, and facilitated exciting collaborative relationships. They are always helpful in making sure each campaign runs smoothly, and I'm grateful for the success I've experienced through them.”
Veronica Popoiacu

“Over the years, Shopping Links has connected me with wonderful, good quality brands and I enjoyed creating content for each and every one. Shopping Links is not just one of the top platforms in my book but also transparent and one of the most consistent, providing me every time with additional SEO support.”
Olivia Jeanette

“Shopping Links is more than a tech platform, it's a place where I have been able to grow organic and authentic relationships with brands.”
Jessica Alizzi

“I create a lot of content for holidays, the changing seasons and other events. Having a place to make this imagery available to brands means more opportunities for collaborations.”
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