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The Next Generation of Influencers: Top 5 Teen Bloggers

August 30, 2016
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Hot on the heels of a now-powerful Millennial generation is a new wave of influencers catching the eyes of fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. The rising stars of Generation Z have never heard of dial-up connection; they’ve left Facebook to their parents, and they’ve been Snapchatting since middle school. Now they’re building their personal brands and spreading their style outside the school cafeteria. Meet five up-and-coming teen bloggers who represent the newest faces of fashion: 

Alexandra - USA (@alexandra_chloe) 

A sophomore at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Alexandra (‘Sasha’) showcases her simple, classic style, beauty secrets, and health and fitness tips at, which has attracted Intermix, M. Gemi and Revolve as advertisers. Although this micro-influencer has just surpassed 2,700 followers on Instagram, she regularly receives hundreds of likes on her photos with dozens of comments. 


A photo posted by Sasha (@alexandra_chloe) on

Chessie - Australia (@freshlypickked) 

Chessie, the 17-year-old blogger behind, has built her following with a mix of fashion, arts, lifestyle and photography. Her “real girl” Instagram feed is as likely to show her hanging out with friends as it is to depict a canvas-like background, which is part of what has driven her following to more than 17k. 

These jeans make me this ^ happy????????????????????

A photo posted by Chessie ? 17 (@freshlypickked) on

Isabella - Australia (@viewsofnow)

Isabella Wight, a 19-year-old Australian fashion blogger, writer and self-described “world dominator” has built a dedicated audience of 20k followers on Instagram with her artistic, colorful style, often incorporating street art and architecture. 

This whole city's black and grey but this wall is psychedelic baby ?????

A photo posted by Isabella Wight (@viewsofnow) on

Yaaminn - UK (@yaaaminn)

An up-and-coming university student in the UK, Yaaminn has grown her Instagram following from zero to more than 400 followers, focusing on beauty products and her passion for street style. 

Tolmeia - UK + Italy (@tdposh) 

Smart, savvy and multi-talented, Tolmeia, who blogs at, writes about fashion, politics, music, lifestyle, culture and body image, drawing more than 16k readers every month and 1,300 Instagram followers.

As brands become aware of the impact micro-influencers have on engagement, and ultimately, sales, up-and-coming bloggers will become increasingly important, paving the way for teens to collaborate with brands even while they’re still in grade school.

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