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Instagram Stories Will Soon Let Followers Shop Your Looks

November 19, 2016
Blogger, Brand, Agency

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If you’re tired of hacking Instagram to promote your favorite looks or shop inspiration from other influencers, you will love their latest update. Launched this week as part of a broader wave of improvements, a new linking feature allows verified users to add outbound URL to their Instagram Stories. 

Unfortunately, most creators will need to sit tight before implementing the feature on their own accounts, as Insta has not yet confirmed when or if it will become widely available. You can test how it works from a viewer standpoint by visiting a verified account like Paola Alberdi’s of @blankitinerary. Paola recently posted an Instagram Story about the feature, giving viewers a tutorial for how to view links. It’s easy: just swipe up, or tap “See More” at the bottom. (If you don’t see the link or “See More” prompt, it may be time to upgrade your phone.)

For verified accounts, adding a link is easy: 

  1. 1 .Start creating a story. You’ll see a link icon at the top center. Tap the icon. 
  2. 2. A black screen will pop up within your window, prompting you to enter a URL. 
  3. 3. Once you’ve entered and previewed your link, go ahead and hit “Done.” Voila! You can share an affiliate link, your blog’s URL, or even a longer clip on YouTube. Instagram has placed no limits on the type of link allowed. 

Thankfully, Instagram also added features for all users in this latest update. Boomerang enthusiasts will be happy to see they can add this feature directly within Stories without having to pull up the Boomerang app separately. (You’ll still need to access the Boomerang app for regular Instagram posts.) You’ll also be able to tag other accounts using their @handle within Stories.  

These updates come just three months after Instagram first launched its Stories feature, which many saw as copying Snapchat’s own Stories. These updates help Instagram separate itself as it edges further toward a retail-friendly niche as Snapchat maintains its more unscripted, conversational tone. 

As both apps evolve, influencers are starting to adapt their strategies accordingly, with influencers drawn to curated posts and shopping advice gravitating toward Instagram Stories, and those who loved the lighthearted, unscripted tone of Snapchat remaining on that channel.  Read more about how to approach the Insta-Snap split here