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The Secret to More Effective Email Marketing: Influencers

March 02, 2017
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As the brand communication that consumers trust most, email marketing has remained a powerful strategy over the last decade, even as tools like social media and content marketing have provided more options to speak directly to customers. 

Influencers, meanwhile, have given brands an invaluable opportunity to access consumers through the voices they trust most, making Influencer Marketing one of the most important new strategies of the past 18 months. 

It perhaps comes as no surprise then that combining these strategies has proven to be particularly powerful, especially for eCommerce. Utilising influencers’ content in your EDMs not only gives you access to gorgeous imagery, it allows you to react more quickly to product trends without having to rely on your photography teams. Moreover, it allows you to localise your content in markets where you may be counter-seasonal. It also gives you the advocacy of a trusted influencer who has the ability to inspire your audience.

However, simply adding influencers is only a part of what makes integrated EDM campaigns so effective. The most successful brands incorporate influencers as part of a broader, holistic strategy focused on long-term relationships, cultivating genuine enthusiasm through influencer events, personalised gifting, and efforts to communicate the brand’s history and values. 

When you take the time to foster long-term relationships, the influencers who appear in your email campaigns are familiar to your audience. These influencers are true advocates of your brand. This is the real value of Influencer Marketing, and the impact is measurable. 

Brands who use influencers as part of a broader strategic campaign see higher open rates, more clicks, and ultimately, greater revenues from EDMs than marketers who only use in-house photography or stock photos. MARKS & SPENCER, a leading international brand, saw a 21.6% uplift in their womenswear email revenue when using influencers versus campaign imagery and the click-to-order rate improved nearly 33%. These results demonstrate that customers aren’t just more likely to read your EDM -- they’re also more likely to act.    

The immediate impact on revenue is reason enough to incorporate influencers into your email campaigns, but the long-term benefits are equally valuable. Having the rights to influencer content for use in future campaigns pays valuable dividends, both in terms of the cost-effectiveness of creating this content and the associated brand loyalty readers associate with influencers. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this loyalty comes with employing an ongoing, integrated Influencer Marketing strategy focused on relationships. The influencers you engage become associated with your brand in a genuine, organic way. 

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