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Introducing Shopping Links' Collaboration Results Page

December 04, 2016
Brand, Agency

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We are super excited to introduce Shopping Links' Collaboration Results page, now in Beta and available for free trial! This feature, which will become available as an additional enhancement for brands that post collaborations, provides even greater insight into how each collaboration has performed by showing the social media impact, the web analytics and the sales data for each influencer appointed across all major social platforms. For collaborations launched using Shopping Links affiliate links (SLINKS), the results will include total sales from your campaign and the average order value (AOV) per influencer for the duration of the collaboration. The results page is broken up into three parts that include the social impact of the campaign, the performance and engagement, followed by a summary of how each influencer performed in comparison to each other. We also show you the total reach and overall CPE (Cost Per Engagement) for not only the campaign but again per influencer you worked with on the promotion.  

We have launched this new feature to give brands and marketers even more data and insight into influencer results. It allows you to make better use of your marketing budgets and target the right influencers for your brand.  We would love your feedback on this new results page and welcome your insight around the format and details of the new metrics. Please let us know at if you are interested in a free trial of the results page when you post an influencer collaboration, starting at just USD $79. If you have never posted a collaboration, we are happy to set up a demo to show you how Shopping Links can help your brand.