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Bloggers to Follow: Influencers with Beautiful Websites

November 06, 2016
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Between Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and other platforms, influencers are relying more heavily than ever on outside channels rather than their own blogs to fuel their online presence — but this strategy may be shortsighted. Although the collective audiences of social networks have made it easier to build an audience, maintaining a unique URL is important.  

For design inspiration, here are six bloggers to follow with gorgeous websites: 

Aiko Cunanan of

About Aiko: Born in the Philippines, Aiko Cunanan is a model, actress and influencer now living in Los Angeles. 

Why we love her site: Clean and simple, Aiko’s site embodies her free-spirited personality while acting as her resume, e-commerce site, and fashion blog. Since brands often use your website to get a sense of who you are and the types of brands you have worked with, including your bio and portfolio is a good idea — albeit something many bloggers overlook. 

Kurt Ji of 

About Kurt: An Australian photographer, social media strategist and men’s style consultant, Kurt began Blogger’s Boyfriend as a way to express his love of fashion, travel and lifestyle.  

Why we love his site: Blogger’s Boyfriend looks and feels like a high-end lifestyle magazine — complete with hotel reviews and professional photography. From his “Outfits Daily” to his highly visual Travel section, Kurt sticks to gorgeous, high-quality imagery and “listacle”-type articles to keep his content fresh — a trick all bloggers can easily adopt. 

Anouska Proeta Brandon of 

About Anouska: Anouska is an Irish lifestyle blogger and vlogger with a particular focus on travel. 

Why we love her site: Anouska’s site feels oh-so Travel + Leisure, while making good use of her stunning travel photography with catchy headlines and inspirational guides like “48 hours in Lausanne, Switzerland.” Her site is also simple and easy to navigate, making it easy to get lost in her beautiful photography without feeling overwhelmed by the content.  

Tracy Coble of

About Tracy: A lifestyle and foodie blogger from St. Louis in the USA, Tracy blogs about fashion, style and her travels. 

Why we love her site: Whimsical and well-organized, Tracy’s site gives viewers “bite-sized” news on fashion trends, travel ideas and foodie inspiration in a clean, colorful layout. We also love the editorial feel of her “shoppable” pieces, like the pages of People. 

Sara Escudero of  

About Sara: Sara is a Los Angeles-based fashion lover and globetrotter who runs Collage Vintage with photographer Diego Anciano. 

Why we love her site: True to its name, Collage Vintage gives us a lot to peruse, but as much as we love getting lost scrolling through travel and fashion feeds, it’s the quality of photos that really makes this site stand out. (Read more on how to make your own photos look more professional.) 

Charlotte Bridgeman of 

About Charlotte: Charlotte is an Australian fashion writer and brand consultant with a penchant for international travel and is now living in New York City.

Why we love her site: Winston & Willow makes it easy to find and shop for looks you love. With fresh seasonal trends and outfit ideas, it’s an easy go-to for girls seeking inspiration for everyday occasions and special events. You can emulate this by selecting a few key pieces or outfits to feature prominently on your home page, and dedicating a category to helpful outfit ideas like Charlotte’s “My Outfits” section. 

These are just a few bloggers in the Shopping Links network with beautiful websites. Check back next week for even more bloggers to follow from our 10,000+ influencer community! 

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