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Collaboration Ideas for Changing Seasons

March 17, 2017
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As the weather turns warmer in the North and a little cooler in the South, shoppers across the world are switching wardrobes, changing decor, and welcoming a new season. Brands can take advantage of this natural shopping window with influencer collaborations that feature fashion, lifestyle, beauty and even travel ideas. Here are five collaboration ideas for brands looking to inspire new audiences through influencers this season:    

1. “Before & After” or Holiday room makeover 

Recommended for home decor brands, retailers, art galleries, furniture, linen brands  

Give an influencer a “room makeover” by gifting furniture, linens or home decor pieces to liven up a living room, kitchen or bedroom. This works for changing season, and also for holidays like Christmas, or as MARKS & SPENCER did above, for Valentine's Day. For maximum exposure, use a multi-channel approach, showing “before & after” shots through a blog article, Instagram post or even Pinterest. Using YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram Stories to show the makeover “live” is another way to engage audiences in a way that makes them feel part of the process.  

2. Five days, five outfits 

Recommended for fashion & accessories brands, retailers  

With a new season comes new trends and new inspiration. Show off different looks from your latest collection by gifting five different pieces to an influencer with whom you have developed a close relationship -- or challenge the influencer to wear one piece five different ways. Not only will you make more of an impact with a multi-day campaign (days need not be consecutive to be effective), but you will also cement a mental connection for followers between your brand and the influencer, making the collaboration feel more genuine.  

Folli Follie’s recent collaboration with Lily Levy, an influencer with whom the brand has a long-standing relationship, is a great example of how well this type of campaign can work:  

Out and about town with my new #follifollie accessories #shoppinglinks #add

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Black & white always works, especially with the right accessories #follifollie #shoppinglinks #add

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3. Spring/Autumn beauty staples 

Recommended for skin and hair care brands, cosmetics & beauty retailers   

A new season often prompts a change in skin care routines, makeup techniques, and even hair color. An Instagram flatlay of your brand’s “beauty staples” for the season is a great way to inspire your target audience and works well for brands of all sizes, as even small brands and retailers can engage micro-influencers in their target markets. As the number of YouTube beauty influencers grows, you might also consider tutorials demonstrating new cosmetics techniques or hairstyles. Below are a few examples: 

4. Seasonal events 

Recommended for fashion, beauty and travel brands 

From outdoor music festivals to Australian Fashion Week, many collaboration opportunities exist within popular seasonal events. Dress an influencer for a major event -- or for your own influencer event. If you’re a hotel near a festival or marquis event, host an influencer to post about your location, accommodations and services.

Bonus tip: post your event collaboration 4-6 weeks in advance to get the best results. 

Almost time to start celebrating! @marksandspencer @katewaterhouse7 @nadiafairfax @becjudd #mandsaustralia #houseofmands

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5. Travel essentials 

Recommended for hotels, fashion, swimwear, lifestyle & beauty brands  

April and May are popular travel months worldwide. Take advantage of this getaway fever by engaging jetsetting influencers to showcase your hotels, comfy travel-wear, beauty essentials or even travel apps. Whatever your product, influencer collaborations can be a great way to broaden your reach and strengthen perceptions of your brand. A multi-post Instagram campaign, for example, can strengthen your brand awareness by showing your product at each new destination. A simpler campaign might involve a blog post or Instagram flatlay that includes your product among “travel necessities,” as shown in the collaboration below for Vivo Per Lei:  


The above are just a few examples of influencer collaborations for the changing season, whether your followers are swapping their sweaters for sun dresses or layering up in anticipation of Autumn. Looking for even more ideas? Get in touch at We are always happy to help!  

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