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MARKS & SPENCER Strengthens Influencer Relationships at 'Girls Night In'

January 31, 2017
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Influencer Marketing Collaboration - MARKS & SPENCER | Shopping Links

As part of a successful long-term strategy for introducing new products to Australian shoppers, MARKS & SPENCER gave top Australian influencers a night of relaxation and rejuvenation last week filled with MARKS & SPENCER products. Held in an open-air space styled with M&S homewares and accessories at the chic Notel hotel in Melbourne, Girls Night In encouraged guests to get comfortable with their own pair of M&S pyjamas while they browsed lingerie hanging on a makeshift clothesline, caravans styled with M&S bedspreads, M&S candles, loungewear, cushions, luxury beanbags, and even M&S towels in the bathrooms.

Influencers also received M&S products to use in the future. MARKS & SPENCER's International Digital Marketing Manager, Ashleigh Auckland, was in attendance to personally mingle with influencers and share new products and messages for 2017.     

In all, 28 influencers attended with a total potential reach of 1.2 million. Notable attendees included Jasmin Howell of Friend in Fashion, Holly Titheridge of Base Colour, Jessica Alizzi of Jessica + Love, and Jess Dempsey of What Would Karl Do? The event resulted in 25 Instagram posts in the first week, giving MARKS & SPENCER a noticeable boost in traffic directly from influencers in the days after the event -- but more importantly, its also strengthened relationships between M&S and influencers who have come to understand and appreciate the brand, its history, and its values through past influencer events, which has lead to increased organic content for the brand. 

Browse photos below from event photographer Liane Hurvitz and attending influencers. To host your own influencer event or for help curating your influencer guest list, get in touch at

When the decor & snacks match your NU hair... ???????????? And shoes...and bag... ???? Having a ball at the @marksandspencerau x @shoppinglinks slumber party last night @notel. ???? This was no ordinary slumber party, unless you call giant pink fairy floss, DJ playing, Pimm's cocktails and MASSAGES an ordinary occasion. ???? Just for future reference everyone, from now on I'll only be attending events that have massages provided. ???????????????????????????? P. S. If my fairy floss looks a little congealed it's because it had been in about 3 photoshoots already. ???? Don't worry, I still ate it. ???? #thegirlwholivedforfairyfloss #MarksAndSpencerAU #ShoppingLinks #slumberparty ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Influencer Marketing Collaboration - MARKS & SPENCER | Shopping Links

Influencer Marketing Collaboration - MARKS & SPENCER | Shopping Links