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5 Ways Influencers Can Help You Hit Your Year-End Targets

November 15, 2017
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With the holidays approaching and the fourth quarter winding to a close, end-of-year reporting is just around the corner -- leaving many marketers and publicists taking stock of their KPIs and strategizing how to effectively use their remaining resources. Whether you need a plan to hit your 2017 targets or you’re looking to lay the groundwork for 2018, influencers are a highly effective (and cost-effective) way to inspire action among your consumers. Here are five ways they can help: 

Clear slow-moving inventory. 

By creating demand for a specific product, bolstered by linking directly to the product on your eCommerce site, influencers can help you push stubborn inventory before new product lines arrive in January, while increasing your overall brand awareness. You can streamline your efforts with our turnkey product seeding campaign, allowing you to quickly engage 10 influencers with a least 10k followers on Instagram. Bloggers are required to post and tag your brand on Instagram within 30 days, but you will also receive direct contact details for each influencer, simplifying delivery and making the gifting process more seamless. We recommend playing to a blogger’s strength (for example, pursuing a blog post if they have a high domain authority) to get the highest ROI for your campaign.      

Boost holiday sales. 

Influencers speak directly to your customers, helping you increase holiday sales more quickly than with traditional marketing campaigns. And micro-influencers are proven to have higher levels of engagement than their macro counterparts. This makes smaller influencers particularly effective when your target is immediate sales. Analysing your metrics from past campaigns, particularly those run in conjunction with affiliate links, will help you determine which demographics and geographic areas are likely to inspire the most sales for your brand or client. Assessing each blogger’s Google Analytics from their Shopping Links profile can help you quickly identify and engage these bloggers. To see the greatest results, we recommend an omni-channel approach focused on directing traffic to your eCommerce site. Simultaneously running content across multiple channels can help you maximise your exposure and opportunities for followers to click and buy. Adding affiliate links to your collaboration can help to motivate bloggers and track which efforts worked best as you analyse your campaign. 

Increase the value of each customer. 

Another KPI that influencers can help you boost is the overall revenue you receive from each customer by strengthening brand loyalty and increasing the opportunities they have to make a purchase. Your marketing newsletters are a particularly effective way to demonstrate this opportunity. Leading international retailer recently tested the ROI of  influencer content versus campaign imagery in a recent series of EDMs that showed remarkable results in favor of influencers. In one A/B tested campaign, blogger imagery yielded a 33% higher click-to-order rate over campaign imagery, and a 21.6% uplift in revenue. In a separate newsletter tested across different markets, the brand saw an incredible 82% uplift in revenue using influencer imagery in Australia and 66% more revenue in the US. 

Running your own A/B tests ahead of the new year can help strengthen your reporting by giving you a decisive recommendation about how to approach your in-house marketing collateral for the next year.  

Increase your organic traffic

Aside from revenue-focused KPIs, influencers can also help you strengthen your website and eCommerce traffic. Focus on bloggers with high domain authorities, which provide the biggest SEO impact by increasing the number of inbound links you receive from high-traffic websites. It’s worth noting that you still receive an SEO boost even when bloggers use nofollow links. Although Google does not count sponsored links toward your ranking for specific search, it does reward you for every click you receive from a reader, which carries significantly more weight. (Read more about how this works here: How Influencer Marketing Improves Your SEO.) You can check a blogger’s domain authority and deeper insights into their audience from Google Analytics directly within a blogger’s Shopping Links profile.  

Identify new long-term opportunities. 

One final way to strengthen your 2017 report is by identifying new revenue opportunities for 2018. Influencers allow you to quickly tap into a market, even if it’s an entirely new country, with an immediate sense of familiarity. By introducing your brand to shoppers through a voice they trust, rather than an advertisement, you gain a powerful endorsement that creates an immediate affinity for your brand. And by testing new markets ahead of a new year, you can pinpoint the opportunities worth accommodating (and relationships worth nurturing) in your next budget. 

With just weeks left to make an impact in 2017, influencers can help you hit your key metrics and strengthen your year-end reporting through sales-focused campaigns, initiatives to boost your website traffic, and opportunities to identify lucrative markets. Let us help you surpass your goals with recommendations for your brand. Get in touch at 

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