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Get More Blog Traffic: How to Amplify Your Content

February 28, 2018
Blogger, Agency

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For anyone following who’s who among fashion influencers, a few names stand out from the crowd: Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, Wendy Nguyen, Arielle Charnas, Paola Alberdi and Leonie Hanne, to name a few. But do you know what these leading influencers have in common aside from Instagram followers in the hundreds of thousands (or millions, in some cases) and high-profile brand collaborations? 

Each of these social media stars is also a bona fide blogger. 

Although Instagram has provided a way for many style-savvy entrepreneurs a chance to grow an impressive following, there’s a good reason the world’s biggest influencers continue to update their blogs regularly with fresh, original content. In this post, we’ll share tips & tricks for how to build your domain and get more blog views of your own. 

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Why it’s important. 

As we have written before, with so much of the social media landscape outside of your control -- from Instagram’s algorithm to the rise-and-fall of popularity on channels like Snapchat or Facebook -- it pays to have your own strong domain. Not only does it help to safeguard the hard work you’ve put into building an audience, but it also gives you the flexibility to collaborate more creatively with brands, which can lead to lucrative, long-term relationships. Where Instagram gives you just one chance to send viewers to a brand’s eCommerce site, your blog gives you plenty of opportunities to let readers shop your looks and browse different styles. This is attractive to brands who are looking to connect with real, potential shoppers.   

We are also finding that brands like to see authority in more than just one channel. In light of growing concerns over fake followers or influencers who have used methods like “follow/unfollow” to build their audiences, many brands are looking beyond Instagram to verify authenticity. Connecting your Google Analytics to your Shopping Links profile helps to demonstrate your ability to cultivate a dedicated audience independent of any social channel. 

Unfortunately, as we’ve also written before, great content often isn’t enough to build a following, particularly as you’re just starting out. Although steps such as building a newsletter and writing consistently are important, most bloggers also need paid promotion and other marketing strategies to increase blog traffic. Whether you’re looking to make the leap from Instagrammer to full-fledged blogger, or you’re hoping to build your readership, here are three ways to get more blog views and boost your domain authority:  

Pay to promote your best posts

The next time you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, pay attention to the promoted posts and sponsored content. You will likely see some of your favorite bloggers among the ads you’re shown. Paid promotion is a savvy, and increasingly necessary, measure that even leading influencers are using to stay top-of-mind, particularly as ever-changing algorithms dampen the reach of organic posts. 

To get the most mileage from your budget, we recommend focusing on your best content and living by the ABT (“always be testing”) rule. Much of the success from paid promotion comes from simply seeing what works, so it pays to give each post enough time to collect data -- 7 days is enough to get valuable insights -- but you will learn even more about your readers, your most engaging content, and how to grow your audience if you invest the time to monitor different variables.   

How much you spend on a paid campaign can depend on a number of factors, including the size of your overall potential audience, the demographics you select, and how quickly you want to reach new people. On average, you can expect on to pay about $5 per thousand views (CPM). So a budget of $100 will boost your post by 20,000 views. 

To encourage ‘likes’ or clicks to your blog (which will open inside the Instagram frame), you can choose the ‘Engagement’ objective when you set up your campaign, and you will only pay for clicks. Facebook and Instagram recommend the CPM for most objectives, but there’s only one way to find out which objective will help you increase blog traffic -- always be testing! 

Leverage traditional media  

Paying to promote your content is a great way to guarantee that it will reach more people, but it’s not the only way to boost your profile. Becoming your own publicist can also help you create more traction for your content, while also elevating your personal brand. Style editors are always looking for experts with good tips, and they’re always looking for high-quality imagery. The same goes for fashion and lifestyle brands with blogs, and even brands like our own. We love getting contributions to our blog! And securing inbound links to your blog from lots of websites with a high domain authority is great for your SEO. Many publications and blogs feature the bloggers or experts who are top-of-mind, so make it easy for them to pick your brain. 

The next time you create a guide to spring fashion trends for your blog, or a post on how to find the perfect Racing Day outfit, send a quick note to the style editors at your favorite magazines or websites with a link to your article. You can also Tweet them if you can’t find their email. Let them know you have more tips and unique imagery that you can share with them, and that you are open to being quoted in future stories. These efforts can take a lot of hustle, and there are no guarantees with this approach, but when your outreach does pay off, the return can be quite significant. Not only will you have a chance to attract some of those readers to your blog, but you can be sure that brands will take notice as well. 

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Your local magazines and newspapers are also a great place to start, since your voice and local knowledge resonate with their readers. In the above piece by Seattle Magazine in the American Northwest, editors ran an entire feature on blogger tips for Valentine’s Day.   


Share your voice       


One final way to amplify your content is by bringing more voices into it. Ask fellow bloggers for their opinions, incorporate their quotes, and link to their content within your own. Live near your favorite influencers? Ask them to coffee. Interview-style pieces can be easier to write than full-length blog posts, helping you to maintain your blog without taking up all your time.  

One of our favorite blog features is Kate Waterhouse’s Date with Kate, with features an interview and short video clip every week with actors, designers, entrepreneurs and influencers, such as beauty vlogger Chloe Morello.

We love the chance to get to know these inspiring movers and shakes through their conversations with Kate, but famous figures aren’t the only ones with interesting stories to tell. Think about the boutique owners, bloggers, artists and creatives in your own network -- if someone inspires you, chances are they will inspire your readers as well. Whichever methods you choose to amplify your blog content, remember that every successful blogger built her readership over years, not days. Your numbers may not go through the roof overnight, but as the world’s most successful influencers have proven, owning a website that stands on its own, independent of algorithms or platform popularity, can help you stand apart from other social influencers and land more meaningful brand collaborations. 

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