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Bloggers to Follow: Learn from These Leading Influencers

June 13, 2017
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Reaching new milestones as an influencer is thrilling, whether you’ve just hit 10k followers on Instagram, or you’ve landed your first big brand collaboration; but continuing to grow your audience can become a challenge as your projects and commitments increase. Knowing which efforts will give you the best results when you have little time can be difficult, but it can help to look at leading influencers who have continued to grow their audiences, even after reaching big milestones. 

The Shopping Links bloggers featured below have attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, and they’re still growing rapidly! What they have in common might surprise you. Although each has invested in professional photography and art direction, as you might expect, their ongoing success actually lies in smaller actions, like responding to follower comments and posting consistently. Read on to learn what these bloggers do well and how you can incorporate some of their strategies:  

Divani Vasil (@divanidosa) 436k followers 

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What she does well: Even though Divani has achieved a significant audience, she continues to think strategically about her hashtags, using relevant topics to alert new followers to her posts. She also takes the time to reply to comments with genuine thoughts, sparking true engagement with her followers. This personal interaction not only keeps her audience engaged, but it makes followers more likely to share Divani’s account with friends.   

Jessica Wang (@notjessfashion) 578k followers  

What she does well: Jessica lets her followers know when they’ll see fresh content and sticks to her schedule. Consistency is important to cultivating an audience since it develops a habit to check your account. Jessica also stays culturally relevant by attending events like Governor’s Ball and Fashion Week, which give her audience a chance to follow along “behind the scenes.” Planning your travel around relevant events can give your own account a boost, even if you don’t have backstage passes or a front-row seat on the runway. Capturing the atmosphere and overall style is equally intriguing to followers. 

Chiara Coco (@culturewithcoco) 601k followers 

What she does well: Chiara lets her followers live vicariously through her travels, from Cannes to Monaco. By focusing on postcard-like scenery, she offers a sense of what it’s like to really be there. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a jetsetter to emulate this strategy! The broader lesson is being aware of your surroundings. Whether you have beautiful sunsets or a favorite hike, remember that your town is someone else’s destination. Finding the scenic “eye candy” near you and on your travels can help you cultivate more followers.  

Erica Hoida (@fashionedchicstyling) 911k followers 

What she does well: Erica’s stylized art direction gives her Instagram a glossy, editorial feeling that makes you want to spend a while scrolling. By focusing on fashion (specifically, shoes), she also gives her followers a clear idea of what her account is about. To adopt this strategy, stay focused on a single range of topics and be consistent. Posting about lifestyle, beauty, culture or thoughts on other topics can work to supplement your blog content, but it’s important to maintain focus on your primary topic. Committing to the highest-quality photography you can by investing in good equipment and carefully staging your shots is equally important. 

Christie Ferrari (@christie_ferrari) 319k followers 

What she does well: In between gorgeous travel photos, Christie invites her followers into her everyday life — offering a glimpse of friends, family and regular activities like going to the gym. Balancing your editorial shots with candid moments shows that you’re a real person with real experiences and real recommendations. Instagram Stories and Snapchat are also great ways to offer these insights in a way that feels genuine. 

Maria Vizuete (@miamiamine) 410k followers 

What she does well: Mia has integrated her content seamlessly across all platforms, from her YouTube channel to her Instagram. Focusing on daily outfits, she makes it easy to find the brands she features with a “Shop My Instagram” and “Products” section on her website, where she directs her Instagram traffic. Giving your followers an easy way to shop your looks not only helps to build your audience, but it keeps your most active followers engaged.

Although remaining true to yourself and your style remains the most important focus you can have as an influencer, emulating some of the best practices of other top bloggers can help you keep your audience engaged and attract new followers even as your projects and commitments increase.

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