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Manage Content Creators
and Track Results

We help brands identify content creators with the best audience alignment, then optimise collaboration results with tracking and conversion metrics


We assess each creator for social following and authentic engagement.

  • Each content creator of Shopping Links is personally evaluated to ensure transparency and authenticity in their audience.
  • Work with quality content creators who are aligned with your target customer profile.
  • We help brands build meaningful creator relationships by connecting them with top performing creators.


Work directly with multiple content creators to gift product and promote your brand.

  • Leverage our experience to help identify the best creators who are aligned to your target audience.
  • Receive detailed applications from those creators who would like to promote your brand
  • Guaranteed promotion within 30 days of seeding your product or service


Create goal-focused campaigns with our in-depth analytics and conversion metrics.

  • Visualise campaign results in our easy to read dashboard
  • Measure your ROI across blog posts and social media shares.
  • Optimise your future campaigns using performance data and audience analytics
  • Track creator traffic and sales using affiliate links or integrated shopping cart technology

Brands We've Worked With

Agencies We've Worked With

"Shopping Links is always very flexible with us and always recommends the best type of collaboration for our campaigns"
Jade Leopolodo - Marketing Communications Manager – Lee Riders Australia
"We’ve worked with Shopping Links since the very beginning and it’s been super exciting to see them keep improving in their technology and providing us with comprehensive real-time reporting and flexible partnerships"
Rachael Grannell - Marketing and PR Associate Links of London
"Shopping Links comes in and steals the show! They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, in every way, and our team is looking forward to continue working together in the new year."
Jessica Antenucci – Senior Account Manage – OPM Pros
"Shopping Links connected me with some of my favorite brands, and facilitated exciting collaborative relationships. They are always helpful in making sure each campaign runs smoothly, and I'm grateful for the success I've experienced through them."
Venessa Kaufman -
"Shopping Links is not just one of the top platforms in my book but also transparent and one of the most consistent"
Veronica Popoiacu - Bittersweet colours
"Shopping Links is more than a tech platform, it's a place where I have been able to grow organic and authentic relationships with brands."
Olivia Jeanette

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How Shopping Links Can Help You


Finding the right image for your social, edm or ecommerce site can be time consuming. Creator content consistently drives higher engagement and sales than product or brand images and is significantly less expensive than creating content in-house


Activate campaigns at scale with direct access to creators, their Google Analytics, social following, audience composition, level of engagement and more

Conversion Metrics

Get advanced analytics and track your results with full transparency on how each creator and channel performed. Includes engagement, traffic and conversions.

Find The Perfect Solution For Your Budget


Work directly with content creators to seed product and get guaranteed results.

from $ 1,850
10 appointments

+ Gifting Product
+ Commission (optional)


Work with a dedicated Account Manager to execute your campaign from start to finish.

from $ 10,000

+ Gifting Product
+ Commission (optional)


Write your own brief and self manage your campaign.

from $ 79.00
posting fee

+ Gifting Product + Commission (optional)


Work directly with content creators to seed product and get guaranteed results.

from $ 895.00
10 appointments

+ Gifting Product


Work with a dedicated Account Manager to execute your campaign from start to finish.

from $ 2,500
per month

+ Gifting Product + Commission (optional)

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